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Scopoing review:Patients/Concepts/Contextによって網羅的に論文(など)を収集し、ルールによって包含を決めていく手法。Systematic reviewよりもBiasに関しては寛容(大事)!

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Patients① BEMEのCOVID-19の影響に関するSystematic reviewの検索語

Medical education OR undergraduate medical OR medical student OR medical school OR training OR continuing medical education OR postgraduate medical education OR assessment OR teaching OR evaluation OR interview OR recruitment OR distance learning OR examina-
tions OR OSCE OR PPE OR clinical skills

→10,105,837件(Pubmed 2022/5/14)

Patients② BEMEのCOVID-19の影響に関するScoping reviewの検索語

 (“Internship and Residency”[Mesh] OR “Students, Medical”[Mesh] OR “Education, Medical”[Mesh] OR “Schools, Medical”[Mesh] OR Intern[tiab] OR interns[tiab] OR “House officer”[tw] OR “house officers”[tw] OR Resident

  • OR residents
  • OR residency
  • OR “medical education”[tw] OR fellow[tiab] OR fellows[tiab] OR “junior doctor”[tw] OR “junior doctors”[tw] OR “post-graduate”[tw] OR postgraduate[tw] OR “foundation year”[tw] OR “foundation program”[tw] OR “medical student”[tw] OR “medical students”[tw] OR “Curriculum”[mesh] OR curricul*[tiab] OR “medical school”[tw] OR “medical schools”[tw] OR “medical training”[tw] OR “undergraduate”[tw] OR “graduate”[tw] OR Learn*[tw] OR training[tw] OR trainer[tw] OR trainee*[tw] OR instructor*[tw] OR instructional[tw] OR educat*[tw] OR classroom*[tw] OR simulat*[tw] OR virtual[tw] OR ZOOM[tw])

    →2,754,690件(Pubmed 2022/5/14)


    SYNONYMS FOR laughter([MeSH]laughter)

    laughter[tw] OR amusement[tw] OR chuckle[tw] OR giggle[tw] OR glee[tw] OR guffaw[tw] OR hilarity[tw] OR laugh[tw] OR mirth[tw] OR roar[tw] OR shout[tw] OR shriek[tw] OR snicker[tw] OR cachinnation[tw] OR cackle[tw] OR chortle[tw] OR crow[tw] OR crowing[tw] OR fit[tw] OR howling[tw] OR merriment[tw] OR peal[tw] OR rejoicing[tw] OR roaring[tw] OR snigger[tw] OR snort[tw] OR snorting[tw] OR titter[tw] OR chortling[tw] OR chuckling[tw] OR giggling[tw] OR guffawing[tw] OR har-de-har[tw] OR tee-hee[tw] OR tittering[tw] OR yuck[tw]

    →151,003件(赤字はPubmedでは収載されている論文なし Rayyanにも各単語入力済)

    SYNONYMS FOR wit([MeSH]wit and humor)

    wit*[tw] OR fun[tw] OR joke[tw] OR satire[tw] OR aphorism[tw] OR bandinage[tw] OR banter[tw] OR burlesque[tw] OR drollery[tw] OR facetiousness[tw] OR gag[tw] OR jest[tw] OR jocularity[tw] OR lark[tw] OR levity[tw] OR pleasantry[tw] OR prank[tw] OR pun[tw] OR quip[tw] OR raillery[tw] OR repartee[tw] OR sally[tw] OR trick[tw] OR whimsicality[tw]OR wisecrack[tw] OR wittness[tw] OR wordplay[tw] OR “bon mot“[tw] OR “practical joke”[tw]

    →37,494件(赤字はPubmedでは収載されている論文なし Rayyanにも各単語入力済)

    SYNONYMS FOR humor([MeSH]wit and humor)

    humor*[tw] OR banter[tw] OR farce[tw] OR fun[tw] OR gag[tw] OR joke[tw] OR playfulness[tw] OR whimsy[tw] OR wisecrack[tw] OR wit[tw] OR amusement[tw] OR badinage[tw] OR buffoonery[tw] OR clowning[tw] OR comicality[tw] OR drollery[tw] OR facetiousness[tw] OR flippancy[tw] OR gaiety[tw] OR happiness[tw] OR jest[tw] OR jesting[tw] OR jocoseness[tw] OR jocosity[tw] OR jocularity[tw] OR joking[tw] OR joyfulness[tw] OR kidding[tw] OR levity[tw] OR lightness[tw] OR pleasantry[tw] OR raillery[tw] OR tomfoolery[tw] OR wittcism[tw] OR wittness[tw] OR comicalness[tw] OR “high spirits”[tw]

    →134,149件(赤字はPubmedでは収載されている論文なし Rayyanにも各単語入力済)

    SYNONYMS FOR caricature([MeSH]caricatures)

    caricature*[tw] OR cartoon*[tw] OR farce[tw] OR parody[tw] OR burlesque[tw] OR distortion[tw] OR imitation[tw] OR lampoon[tw] OR libel[tw] OR mimicry[tw] OR mockery[tw] OR pasquinade[tw] OR pastiche[tw] OR “put on”[tw] OR ridicule[tw] OR sham[tw] OR takeoff[tw] OR travesty[tw] OR send-up[tw]


    SYNONYMS FOR motion picture([MeSH]motion pictures)

    “motion picture*”[tw] OR cinema[tw] OR “feature film”[tw] OR flick[tw] OR talkie[tw] OR cine[tw] OR cinematics[tw] OR cinematograph[tw] OR film[tw] OR flicker[tw] OR movie[tw] OR moving picture[tw] OR photodrama[tw] OR photoplay[tw] OR picture[tw] OR “picture show“[tw] OR silver screen[tw] OR talking picture[tw] OR videotape[tw]


    SYNONYM FOR smiling([MeSH]smiling)

    smil*[tw] OR cheerful[tw] OR genial[tw] OR radiant[tw] OR shining[tw] OR animated[tw] OR grinning[tw] OR sparkling[tw] OR joyful[tw] OR sunny[tw]


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